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At HiPay, our focus is on helping people realise their potential. How? By suggesting innovative projects, setting daily challenges, providing opportunities to excel yourself, all this while sharing and evolving within an active group. Joining HiPay means choosing to join an ambitious company that has managed to become a key player in the payment industry. It means wanting to be part of a quest for excellence, to stand alongside experts and to share their expertise and their upbeat approach.

Our values


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Lead Software Engineer - Facilitateur – HiPayer since 2016

"There are a lot of recruitments, a lot of new technologies to learn, so it is a very challenging environment every day!"


Country Manager Portugal – HiPayer since 2018

“We don’t care how old you are. If you can do what’s required, you’ll get the job!”


Product Owner et UX Designer – HiPayer since 2017

“I did design for a few years and I decided to go back and study development. I’ve found something that’s a perfect halfway-house between development and design!”


Director of Payment Operations – HiPayer since 2017

“You never get bored! I have learned so many things. Far more than in all my other jobs put together. And I have been lucky enough to progress in my role!”


IT Support Manager – HiPayer since 2014

"Innovation is in HiPay’s DNA! I went from Account Monitoring Officer to Manager in just a few months!"


Product Owner – HiPayer since 2016

" I joined HiPay straight after I left school. It is pretty exciting. You have projects that are different from one another, and you work as a team so things really happen! "


Talent Acquisition Manager - HiPayer since 2017

"The people I work with are funny and intelligent; and I learn something new every day. The management’s door is always open. They’re open-minded, keen to listen; they trust us. We aren’t expecting to get people who have specific knowledge of the payment sector, but rather those with a digital culture (...) it is really the person’s profile and potential that count!"


Chief Technical Officer – HiPayer since July 2019

“The people are understanding, as long as things are progressing and moving forward, that’s what matters. Sharing is important, in order to disseminate knowledge within all the teams."


Chief Product Officer – HiPayer since July 2019

"We have a great team, the technologies used are interesting. On the way to work, I can go past the famous Nantes mechanical elephant (...) my kids are jealous!"


Chief Marketing Officer – HiPayer since 2011

"You learn all the time and you outstrip what you have learnt. Benevolence (...) that aspect really is emphasised every time. There’s never a dull moment at HiPay."

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