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Key Account Manager

Présentation de l'équipe

Our Account Managers are tasked with encouraging the loyalty and development of  HiPay’s merchant portfolio. This division has a strategic role as the main contact for merchants and the guarantor of the company’s image.

HiPay’s Account Managers monitor day-to-day merchant activity and respond to requirements; they also supervise the internal handling of operational requests with the different teams (BITS, Risk, Data & Analytics, Legal, etc.), to achieve greater responsiveness for merchants.

The Account Managers keeps track of the performance of their merchant portfolios using a variety of internal tools, in order to strengthen the partnership through Business Reviews with key contacts: General Management, E-commerce/Web/Marketing Managers, Finance, Risk, Technical.

Charlotte's interview

Who are you?

My name is Charlotte and I work in the offices in Levallois Perret.


When did you join HiPay? What is your role and what do you do at HiPay?

After 5 years at a recruitment company, I joined HiPay in April 2014 as a Sale Developer.

I arrived when the electronic banking platform was being launched. The company was growing rapidly and, after a year, I became a Key Account Manager.

My main job is to monitor a portfolio of key merchant accounts, from technical integration to analysis of their transactional data (acceptance, success rate, fraud etc.).

We are the main point of contact for merchants throughout the partnership. We help them to understand the platform every day and we regularly meet them in training workshops and Business Reviews.


What tools do you use in your day-to-day work?

We use Salesforce for our reporting and we have internal platforms available that allow us to directly analyse merchant activity. The HiPay Enterprise platform, also available for merchants, allows us to monitor all of the platform’s transactions in real time.

The other tool we use on a daily basis is our Business Intelligence tool. This powerful platform gives us very accurate analysis tables and reports. We use this data in all the recommendations made to merchants, in order to improve their performance.


What expertise and skills are essential for doing what you do? 

Each Account Manager at HiPay is very different. Nevertheless, we all have something in common, namely stress management and priority management.

We are in a position where everything is urgent, both for the merchant and for the internal teams. We must take a step back, anticipate requests as much as possible and prioritise actions.


How would you define the culture at HiPay?

We operate in an innovative sector that is constantly evolving. HiPay is no longer a start-up, but we have retained a certain agility that allows us to quickly meet the needs of a wide range of merchants.


Why did you choose HiPay?

At the recruitment agency, I worked specifically on commercial businesses in the IT sector, and I discovered the world of online payments.

When I met HiPay, I immediately sensed an atmosphere of trust and excellence.


What type of profile do you think a person would need to have, to fit in at HiPay? 

Honestly, there are so many different employee profiles that I cannot tell you what a standard profile is!

Knowing how to move forward, taking the initiative and being able to switch easily from one subject to another are important qualities, I think.


What does your job at HiPay give you?

My experience at HiPay teaches me, on a daily basis, to manage my priorities better and to gain perspective in complex situations.

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