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QA Manager

Présentation de l'équipe

The “IT Operations” part works closely with numerous teams (development, support, operations, risk, exploitation).

As for DevOps, the aim is to guarantee smooth operation of the various services in production and to automate production operations.

Thanks to their skills in both technical and functional areas, the team is capable of intervening right across the platform, so as to manage incidents as quickly as possible. The team’s agile operation enables each member to contribute to the continuous improvement and automating of processing, in order to improve quality and efficiency.

The QA division infuses a real quality-based approach into the development processes and helps to improve the quality of HiPay’s products.

Mohamed's Interview

Who are you?
My name is Mohamed and I work in Nantes.


When did you join HiPay? What is your role and what do you do at HiPay?
I joined HiPay in June 2015 as a QA Engineer. The main purpose of my mission was to implement the qualification process for delivering features related to the payment engine, so as to improve their quality. With the expansion of the development team and the number of QA engineers at HiPay, my tasks have moved more towards responsibility for the whole quality assurance process.


Which product do you work on?
I work mainly on HiPay Enterprise, the payment solution for merchants with a turnover exceeding 1 million euros.


What tools do you use in your day-to-day work?
The tools used are quite diverse, but the main ones are:
– Squash ™
– casperjs / slimerjs
– Jenkins
– Gitlab / Gitlab CI
– Docker
– Netbeans
– Operating system: Ubuntu
– Gatling


What expertise and skills are essential for doing what you do?
You need to be curious and have good interpersonal skills, be excited by the functional and technical aspects of projects. Another key aspect of my job is being able to manage multiple subjects at the same time.


How would you define the culture at HiPay?
HiPay has a young, start-up culture. Its teams are always looking to improve working methods and tools.


Why did you choose HiPay?
I joined HiPay because I wanted to work on innovative topics and get to know the payment industry. As the years have passed, I’m positive I made the right choice.


What type of profile do you think a person would need to have, to fit in at HiPay?
To integrate effectively at HiPay, you need to enjoy working as a team and be able to prioritise tasks.


What does your job at HiPay give you?
I learn something every day, both professionally and in terms of human relations.


Do you have anything else to add?
Listening and sharing knowledge make HiPay a company where you can grow professionally very quickly!

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