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Chief Technical Officer

Présentation de l'équipe

The E-Commerce team is responsible for designing and developing Web payment interfaces, both in hosted payment pages and on the modules of the e-commerce CMSs used by merchants.
The challenges of the products developed by the E-Commerce team are strategic as they determine the quality of the user experience and the HiPay merchant conversion rate.
HiPay Professional is a service for small to medium-sized merchants that makes integration a simple matter.
In order to satisfy as many merchants as possible, a large number of integration methods are available. From the most basic (HTML code) to the most comprehensive (SOAP/REST web-services) and involving various modules (Prestashop, Magento, etc.) based on the product.
Thus, everybody gets the same performance and protection level, all in a simple, modern and scalable interface.
Our team of Full Stack developers is capable of intervening on the interface (payment, web-services or even automation). To ensure that stability and continuous performance are achieved, day-to-day work is defined by agility rules in a Scrum environment.

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