Controlling Director

Présentation de l'équipe

The Finance department is organised around 4 main functions:

– “Accounts”, responsible for the reporting of reliable financial and accounting data, so that frequent and regular statements, reflecting the company’s operational activity and its financial health, can be generated;

– “Management Control”, which uses regular analyses and decision-making tools to properly manage the company’s activities, so as to enable it to meet targets;

– “Cash Management”, which manages the company’s cash flow efficiently on the one hand, but also, within the context of payment services, sees to it that funds are correctly isolated and repaid to merchants;

– “Corporate Development”, responsible for planning and implementing the company’s 3-year growth strategy.

Marc's Interview

Who are you?

Marc. I’m based in Levallois and I work in the Financial Controlling department.


When did you join HiPay? What is your role and what do you do at HiPay?

I joined HiPay in February 2017 to take care of the Group’s financial control and management control.


What tools do you use in your day-to-day work?

Excel is the essential tool for my day-to-day work, for consolidating and analysing data from different sources. I also use SAP BFC consolidation software.


What expertise and skills are essential for doing what you do?

An analytical mind and a critical eye for interpreting data. Creativity for developing analysis and reporting matrices.


How would you define the culture at HiPay?

A dynamic culture that encourages initiative.


Why did you choose HiPay?

It is a new sector for me and one that is growing rapidly. As HiPay is currently in its growth phase, there are still a lot of processes to develop and tools to implement, which makes my job interesting and ever-changing.


What type of profile do you think a person would need to have, to fit in at HiPay?

A young spirit with the desire to develop a joint project.


What does your job at HiPay give you?

Knowledge about the payments sector.


Any advice for candidates wanting to join us?

Stay humble and be capable of getting your hands dirty.

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