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Présentation de l'équipe

This division manages 3 aspects:

– “HiPay Core” is responsible for the life cycle of the transaction, from the customer’s order through to potential reimbursement.

The members of this team make sure that robust and effective APIs are offered, regardless of the payment methods, so as to enable simplified integration for merchants. To ensure a high level of security and confidentiality, emphasis is also placed on card management and PCI-DSS certification.

The fraud prevention engine is one of the most important stages of a payment. It enables merchants to detect and block fraudulent payments as early as possible, thanks to rules adapted to suit their business.

  • “Data Science”, a real incubator of ideas and innovations, is at the crossroads of all the challenges facing HiPay, and makes it possible to provide new solutions for our in-house teams, in connection with our customers. The areas impacted range from support, fraud and research tax credit to the financial aspect.
  • “Finance” enables our customers to receive the funds they have acquired as quickly as possible, while remaining within the legal framework governing payment companies.

This division is also at the crossroads of all the functions and features on HiPay Enterprise!

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