Innovation & Product Marketing


Head of Product Marketing & Solution Consulting

Présentation de l'équipe

The vocation of the “Innovation” team is to promote the latest changes to HiPay products and services to the internal organisation, the main clients and business partners. On a daily basis, it helps the sales team to define and structure partner and prospect requests, to ensure that the needs expressed are responded to in an appropriate fashion.

The team regularly attends the various trade fairs, representing HiPay and gathering as much relevant information as possible in order to position the offer.
The Product Marketing division manages and launches new solutions and is instrumental in developing the existing offer, in close collaboration with the sales, technical and communication teams.

The team identifies the best approach to adopt for introducing new solutions and ensures that they succeed.

Sami's Interview

Who are you?

My name is Sami and I work at HiPay in Levallois-Perret.


When did you join HiPay? What is your role and what do you do at HiPay?

I joined HiPay a little over 2 years ago as a Head of Product Marketing & Solution Consulting.
My role involves working on the strategic projects of our merchants, accompanying them on various issues ranging from product to legal.
For example, I work on technical pre-sales for innovative features related to our omnichannel offer, our response to tenders from large industrial groups and the establishment, among Tier1 merchants, of Protocol 3DS v2, which meets the strong authentication requirements introduced by the second Payment Services Directive.


What tools do you use in your day-to-day work?

I mostly use office tools and classic SAAS (Gmail, Salesforce, Drive etc.).


What expertise and skills are essential for doing what you do?

To complete my tasks, I rely on my sales insight, strong technical desire and just over 5 years of experience in the payment services industry, which help me to understand the complexity of this sector.
However, in order to collaborate effectively on the cross-functional projects I need to work on, the most important thing is knowing how to work as a team!


How would you define the culture at HiPay?

The HiPay culture is a modern culture, combining the discipline and seriousness of the financial world with the creative spirit and entrepreneurial freedom of the tech environment.


Why did you choose HiPay?

I joined HiPay for its interesting position: we really do have an innovative (and constantly changing) product that meets various needs and has an interesting place in the payment market, allowing us to offer our services to players who are leaders in their markets.


What type of profile do you think a person would need to have, to fit in at HiPay?

HiPay values people who “get their hands dirty” and who have an appetite for technological topics!

What does your job at HiPay give you?

HiPay allows me to further develop my expertise in my field, at a fast-moving company in an ever-changing sector!


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