Payment Partnership Manager

Présentation de l'équipe

The Partnership division centralises sales and operations with more than one hundred international partners.

The team is responsible for consolidating and developing relations with a wide range of players: banks, buyers, suppliers of payment methods and technical solutions, etc.

This Business Unit works with internal teams to manage key projects for the company.

Julien's Interview

Who are you?

My name is Julien and I’m 25 years old. I’m originally from the south of France but I came to Paris to finish my studies and, after several internships and placements, to start my career.


When did you join HiPay? What is your role and what do you do at HiPay?

I came to HiPay in September 2018 and joined the Partnerships department. This department is responsible for global exchanges with the service providers and other banking entities we work with.


What tools do you use in your day-to-day work?

Within the context of my work, I use a whole host of different monitoring tools for current and previous transactions. At the same time, I use Back-Office a lot to extract data, enabling me to work on analyses or prepare my business reviews with my partners.

Besides other in-house tools, I use Salesforce a lot.


What expertise and skills are essential for doing what you do?

Organisation and everyday planning. Enjoying producing reports and having a very good standard of English.


How would you define the culture at HiPay?

I would say that the atmosphere at HiPay is very young and dynamic. They adopt new work methods (remote working, team building, events/drinks, flexitime) unlike traditional French companies.


Why did you choose HiPay?

For the international dimension of my work, the fact that it’s consistent with my field of study (procurement) and the responsibilities that go with my job.
This field interested me.


What type of profile do you think a person would need to have, to fit in at HiPay?

Proactive personalities (an essential criterion in many departments). People with international profiles might like being at a company like HiPay.


What does your job at HiPay give you?

Daily challenges, a real devotion to progress. I have also developed my organisational qualities.

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