Merchant Experience & Insights

Présentation de l'équipe

The UX and Customer Insight team has 2 main missions:

– to guarantee the best possible experience for all types of HiPay user (merchants and internal teams) throughout the customer’s life cycle (from the start of the relationship to daily use of our merchant interfaces)

– to create, display and communicate relevant data that will enable our users to make the right decisions on a daily basis

To do this, the team is organised into 3 tribes:

  • The “Psyche” team takes care of developing, maintaining and scaling Console, HiPay’s new-generation merchant interface which aims to improve daily life for our merchants through a clever user interface designed with them in mind.
  • The “Spectre” tribe manages every aspect associated with the beginning of a relationship with merchants and develops in-house tools to monitor customer onboarding: sales proposals, synchronisation with CRM tools, risk management tools, etc.
  • Last but not least, the mission of the “BI” team is to provide all of the relevant performance indicators for HiPay and its customers. HiPay Intelligence thus constitutes an Analytics platform that offers a comprehensive vision of merchant activity, focused on performance and payment optimisation within a context of omnichannel growth.

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